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The Top 7 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors


Are you looking for a stress-relieving exercise program with a wide range of health benefits? For many seniors, yoga fits the bill.

At The Cypress, yoga is one of our favorite activities. Research suggests that yoga may be helpful in fighting multiple health concerns, including high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, and back pain. Here are the details on some of the top health benefits of yoga for seniors.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Hypertension

AARP notes that yoga can help seniors reduce their medication for treating hypertension. One study found that individuals who participated in yoga for six hours per week over 11 weeks lowered their systolic blood pressure by 33 points. A control group, on the other hand, lowered their systolic pressure by only 4 points.

  1. Improves Sleep

If you have trouble getting sufficient shuteye, yoga may help. Research has found that yoga can lower the time it takes to get to sleep and can help you sleep longer. By sleeping longer and better, you may improve your overall quality of life by feeling more energetic during the day.

  1. Helps Control Weight

Yoga can help you concentrate, and it boosts your willpower, experts say. By practicing frequently, you can stay focused on your long-term wellness goals, including your weight. In addition, yoga can assist in controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes, which also can help with weight control.

  1. Lubricates Joints

As we age, our joints may start feeling a little stiff. Regular yoga practice can help keep joints lubricated, which can ward off medical conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts say yoga also can help relieve the pain from arthritis, and it can help boost the density of your bones and keep osteoporosis at bay.

yoga on beach

  1. Improves Strength, Balance and Flexibility

The strengthening poses of yoga can help you improve your balance capability. Good balance is critical for avoiding falls, the leading cause of injuries among seniors. With its joint-lubricating and muscle-stretching poses, yoga also helps you improve your range of motion and flexibility.

  1. Assists in Relieving Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may find that regular yoga workouts can help. A study found that after just four weeks, individuals taking part in a yoga class required lower doses of pain medications to control pain.

  1. Boosts Mental Well-being

Yoga is known to reduce stress. It also helps you tap into your natural relaxation response. In this state between sleep and wakefulness, your body benefits from a lowered heart rate and blood pressure.

The combination of movement, meditation and breath awareness you get from yoga can help enhance your mood, settle your frazzled nerves, reduce anxiety, and provide you with a general sense of well-being.

Support Your Active Retirement

At The Cypress of Hilton Head, we’re committed to providing a wellness-oriented atmosphere that allows you to maintain your active lifestyle. To learn more about our yoga program and other health-supporting activities available to residents of The Cypress, please contact us today.


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6 Ways for Seniors to Get Involved this Earth Day

earth day

Research has found that spending time in nature offers many benefits for seniors, including less stress and depression, quicker healing, and a reduced need for pain medicines. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve put together this list of six ways seniors can help make a difference in protecting our precious planet.

  1. Plant a Tree

Trees do so much for our world. They help remove excess amounts of harmful CO2 gas from the atmosphere, absorb pollutants, and provide food, income and energy for communities.

Planting a tree is a powerful step in helping the environment, and it’s a lasting gift to the planet and to yourself. Enjoy watching your sapling grow in the coming years! If you use social media, check out #TreesForEarth to see others’ efforts.

  1. Plant a Garden

While you’re at it, why stop the planting with just one tree? Planting a garden can benefit you, your neighbors and the wildlife in your community. By planting species native to your area, you’ll encourage beautiful birds and butterflies to make a pit stop during their migrations. And the bounty from your garden can supply you with nutritious, fresh produce year-round.

  1. Reuse and Recycle

Earth Day is a great time to take a look at your habits around the house. Remember that anything you throw away ends up in the local landfill. Are you tossing items that someone else could use or that could be recycled? If you throw out a lot of food waste, consider composting; you’ll help the earth, and you’ll end up with a great soil additive for your new garden.

  1. Spend Some Time Outdoors

A walk in a natural setting will lift your spirits and give your fitness a kickstart as it boosts your appreciation for the Earth. Many residents of The Cypress enjoy walking in Hilton Head’s beautiful parks or along one of our lovely beaches.

  1. Take a Break from Tech

During the annual Earth Hour, people across the globe take a break from their electronics for 60 minutes. This year’s event is done, but you can still power down your gadgets for a while in honor of Earth Day. Once you’re back online, you may enjoy reviewing how people around the world observed Earth Hour this year.

  1. Start Getting Ready for Earth Day 50!

In 1970, the first Earth Day brought together 20 million Americans and led to the establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It also resulted in passage of the Endangered Species, Clean Air and Clean Water acts. Earth Day will continue to gear up over the next five years leading up to the all-important 50th anniversary. If you’re interested in helping plan a local event in coming years, the Earth Day Network offers tools to help.

If you enjoy spending time in nature, you’re sure to love the beautiful seaside environment of The Cypress of Hilton Head. To learn more about The Cypress lifestyle, please contact us today.


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The Top Scams that Target Seniors and How to Avoid Them

Internet scam

Why do so many fraudsters target senior citizens? Seniors often have nest eggs, own their homes, have excellent credit, and are trusting and polite by nature, as the FBI points out.

If you’re a senior, you may be a very appealing target for all manner of nefarious individuals who want to separate you from your money. At The Cypress of Hilton Head, we want to help protect our members and all seniors from potential scams. We’ve compiled this list of the top types of fraud committed against seniors to help you safeguard your hard-earned cash.

Telemarketing Flimflams

If you have a phone, you probably get calls from people trying to sell you stuff. These scams often involve cheap vacations or health care products like vitamins. If the caller mentions a “free prize” or pressures you to “act now,” step away from the phone — quickly.

Health Insurance and Medical Ruses

All U.S. seniors over age 65 qualify for Medicare, so don’t be impressed by a caller’s seeming “inside knowledge” of your health plan. In this scam, a caller may try to get your personal info by posing as a Medicare representative, or they may offer you “free” products that they then bill to your insurer.

Fake Prescription Meds

If the price of a medication from an online pharmacy seems too good to be true, it probably is. A significant number of medicines that originate outside the United States are counterfeit. Prescriptions from questionable online sources also don’t go through the same rigorous safety checks as those dispensed through reputable U.S. pharmacies.

Cemetery and Funeral Fraud

The FBI points out two types of scams in this category that target seniors:

  • Perpetrators scan obituaries and call — or even attend — funeral services to take advantage of a grieving spouse. The scammers claim the deceased person had an outstanding debt, which they try to collect.
  • Untrustworthy funeral homes take advantage of seniors’ lack of knowledge about the cost of funerals to run up the price. Attempting to sell a grieving spouse an expensive display casket for a cremation is one example of this type of scam.

cyber security

Internet Scams

Internet use is increasing among seniors, and so is the potential for getting cheated online. Beware pop-up windows that look like virus-scanning software; scammers may be trying to trick you into clicking and possibly downloading spyware or a virus. And never click links in an email from a seemingly legitimate business — or even the IRS — asking you to “verify” or “update” your account. Instead, go to the official website of the company or agency and log in.

Investment Schemes

Some investments can sound like very attractive ways to grow your nest egg, but law enforcement authorities advise caution. Types of fraud to watch for here include notes from an alleged Nigerian prince who needs your help getting his money into the country, pyramid schemes and many others. If you’re considering an investment that sets off your internal warning bells, check with the FBI or your local police before handing over your money.

The bottom line is, always trust your gut.  If your instincts tell you something just isn’t right, discuss the situation with a few trusted friends or family members before moving forward.

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The Best Exercises for Seniors

Cypress Tennis

We often hear the standard advice about the need to exercise more. But hearing and doing are two different things, and medical experts say the perils of inactivity continue to plague Americans. The benefits of exercise are well-known, including reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Getting active also is associated with mental health benefits, including a reduction in depression and a better quality of life.

For seniors, the perks of starting an exercise program can be especially pronounced. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, seniors can experience significant health benefits with even a moderate amount of physical activity. If you’ve let your activity level slip lately or you’ve never been active, consider starting an exercise program that includes activities in four major categories. Be sure to check with your doctor first.


For seniors, developing balance is especially important for reducing the risk of falls. Balance exercises can help in two ways: by focusing on stability and by building muscles in the legs.

A great way of improving balance is through the Chinese martial art tai chi, which combines relaxation and movement to benefit both body and mind. Tai chi includes various movements, with each one merging gracefully into the next. Classes are available for seniors at various fitness levels.

Stretching and Flexibility

For many people who work out regularly, stretching may not play a starring role. But research has found that proper stretching may improve your flexibility and the range of motion in your joints, which can help decrease your risk of injury as you participate in other forms of exercise.

One type of exercise that can help stretch your muscles and improve your range of motion is yoga. With regular participation, experts say, you’re also likely to improve your flexibility. You can choose among many forms of yoga that range from a high-intensity workout to a peaceful, meditative activity.

Aerobic Endurance

Experts recommend that we exercise at a moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes weekly. Seniors are advised to start with aerobic sessions lasting a minimum of 10 minutes each and build from there, both in time and intensity.

You can choose among many forms of aerobic exercise, but swimming works especially well for seniors since it’s easy on the joints. Water aerobics classes such as the ones we offer at The Cypress are another option for an endurance workout that uses the buoyancy of water to relieve stress on your body.

Strength Training

To prevent your muscles from losing strength as you age, consider participating in a weight training program. Before beginning, make sure you understand proper form and techniques for preventing injury, and start with very light weights. Once you can lift the weight easily for 12 repetitions, experts say you can increase weight in small increments.

Cypress strength training

The Cypress of Hilton Head offers a variety of exercise classes and facilities, including a fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool, golf, croquet, beach walks, line dancing, sporting events and more. To schedule your visit, please contact us.

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Top 10 Foods that Seniors Should Add to Their Diets

Did you know that something you probably love doing — and that we all do every day — could improve your health, vitality and quality of life? That something is eating, and by choosing the right foods, medical experts say you can improve your mood and reduce or eliminate chronic health conditions like heart disease, cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Here are 10 of our favorite foods that offer powerful benefits for seniors. Enjoy!


  1. Spinach

Most vegetables are smart choices for seniors, but leafy greens like spinach are particularly packed with nutrients. Try them in a salad or smoothie to get your daily dose.

  1. Yogurt

Along with other dairy products, yogurt provides a healthy helping of calcium and vitamin D, and it adds probiotics that can keep your stomach working with you rather than against you. Choose low-fat varieties when possible.


  1. Tea

Not just for sipping daintily in the garden, tea qualifies as a bona-fide superfood with a powerful punch of antioxidants. Research has found that tea may lower cholesterol and can inhibit cancer-cell growth. Choose either green or black varieties, depending on your personal preference.

  1. Walnuts

Sometimes we feel like a nut — or a whole handful! Walnuts, almonds, cashews and other nuts taste fantastic, and their nutrients can boost your immune system and help protect your body against damage from stress. And there’s more good news about nuts: Research has found there’s no need to limit them for fear of gaining weight.

  1. Oatmeal

We admit it. We like oatmeal! And that’s a good thing, because oatmeal and other whole grains are essential sources of B vitamins for seniors. To keep your meals interesting, branch out with some unusual choices like quinoa, which is rich in protein.

  1. Chicken

You can get protein from a whole host of foods, but experts say lean proteins like white-meat chicken, beans and fish are best. Keep meat portions reasonable, such as the size of a deck of cards.

  1. Fatty fish

Although fish falls under the general “protein” category, we think varieties with Omega-3s deserve a special mention. Your body can’t make these essential fatty acids, which play an important role in brain function and may lower the risk of heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Get your Omega-3s with two servings weekly of fatty fish like halibut, mackerel, salmon and tuna.Food2

  1. Berries

The deeper the color of fruits and vegetables, the moreloaded they are with antioxidants. For a tasty dose of healthy nutrients, try blueberries, which are packed with vitamin C and potassium and may lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and inflammation. Raspberries and dark cherries also deserve an honorable mention in this category.


  1. Hot Peppers

Chili peppers get their “heat” from capsaicinoids, which also provide protection against cancer, heart disease and inflammation. Chilies also contain high levels of flavonoids and antioxidant carotenes — including approximately double the amount of vitamin C you’ll get from citrus fruit.

  1. Don’t Forget a Treat!

Our list wouldn’t be complete without our favorite: dark chocolate. New research has found that this delicious treat can reduce your blood pressure and is packed with antioxidants. For healthy meals and treats on a daily basis, we also love dining at The Cypress. Whether you prefer our formal or informal dining venues, you’ll find beautiful views and culinary delights to tempt your tastebuds. Please contact us today to schedule your visit.


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The Health Benefits of Retiring by the Beach

What is it about the beach that’s so attractive? From the time people started writing, they’ve described the ocean’s allure. Maybe it’s the warming sunshine, the laughter of children, the beautiful shells or even the infinite possibilities of a vast sea stretching to the horizon. But one thing is certain: Human beings are drawn to the ocean.

Hilton Head Beach

At the Cypress, we’ve been believers in the soothing effects of retiring near the beach for years, and now new evidence has found that proximity to the ocean may provide even more tangible health benefits. Scientists say recent research is providing support for some longstanding traditional wisdom: Being near the beach may be good for your health. As you’re evaluating beach retirement communities, consider the ways in which living near the ocean may benefit you.

Moving near a coastline can significantly improve well-being, researchers have found, in part because the seaside environment may lessen stress and encourage an active lifestyle.  Whether you enjoy walking, biking, bodysurfing, playing paddle board or building sand castles with the grandkids, there’s never a shortage of healthy activities to enjoy on the beach.  Researchers also note that sea air contains negative ions that improve the body’s ability to drink in oxygen.  Negative ions also can assist in balancing serotonin levels, positively impacting your mood and stress levels.HILTON HEAD ISLAND_Dog

Moderate amounts of sun can aid skin issues, including the chronic condition psoriasis. Sea water, in addition, can help some skin conditions like dermatitis, an allergic rash. And spending time in sea water also can improve the skin’s elasticity and appearance, researchers note.

If you enjoy swimming, you’ll be happy to learn that floating in the water helps push blood toward your heart and delivers more oxygen to the brain, improving alertness and activity levels.

Spending some time in the sun also can spur the body to secrete endorphins, making your stress melt away and helping you feel relaxed.  And there’s a reason many people buy tapes with the sounds of the ocean to help them sleep at night— the soothing sound of waves actually changes patterns in your brain and can assist deep relaxation, helping rejuvenate your mind and body.


Seeking out the Water: It’s Human Nature

If you’re considering retiring near the beach, you’re not alone. In fact, scientists say it’s human nature to seek to be near bodies of water. Most of the world’s population live near water, and the beach is an age-old preferred vacation spot. One neuroscientist posits that ancient humans lived near oceans, which helped the human brain grow and become more complex.

Today, it’s easy for seniors to spend soothing, healing time experiencing surf, sun and sand. At a beach retirement community like The Cypress of Hilton Head, you can reap the benefits of the ocean as often as you like. To find out more about the beaches, amenities, and benefits of our beautiful retirement community, please contact us.

Dolphin Park Hilton Head Plantation

Dolphin Park, Hilton Head Plantation

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7 Things to Do in Hilton Head for Seniors

What do most seniors do when they visit beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina? Make a beeline for the beach, of course! Yes, Hilton Head is home to 12 miles of the nation’s most beautiful, pristine beaches — made all the more enjoyable by the area’s warm water and sunny days.

But did you know that there’s much more to see and do in Hilton Head? For seniors visiting the island, the options are nearly unlimited.

Golf at the Cypress

  1. Play Golf

If you’re a golfer, Hilton Head is a fantastic place to hit the links. Golf.com recognizes a number of must-play courses in Hilton Head and advises that late March and early April are the perfect — and busiest — times to explore more than 400 golf holes on the island. Hilton Head features 24 different courses, so your game will never get boring.

  1. Experience Arts and Culture

Seniors who are into the arts can enjoy the pottery wheels of Old Town Bluffton, a ballet performance at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and many other arts-related activities. Galleries, museums, musical performances and theater are among the many ways seniors can soak in the arts in Hilton Head.

  1. Visit a Spa

If you enjoy a little spa pampering, you’ll feel like you’ve found heaven in Hilton Head. A number of the resorts on the island offer their own spa experiences for a fully relaxing vacation, and the island also is home to multiple day spas offering body wraps, massages, manicures and pedicures, massages and more.

  1. Take a Guided Tour

For seniors visiting Hilton Head for the first time, a guided tour of the island is a must. Whether you’re a first-timer or have visited many times, you’ll enjoy a historic walking tour, a dolphin tour by boat, a nature walk and other opportunities to get to know the island with the help of a guide.

Hilton Head

  1. Hit the Shops

Hilton Head features approximately 30 open-air shopping centers, including Shelter Cove Towne Centre, a new walking village featuring a variety of restaurants and stores along a relaxing waterfront park. Right next door you’ll find Shelter Cove Harbour Shops & Restaurants. Tanger Outlet Center, Harbour Town in the Sea Pines Resort, Coligny at the Beach and Main Street Village Shopping Center are other popular shopping destinations for seniors.

  1. Spend Time at the Beach

Although you’ll find many attractions to keep you busy in Hilton Head, you should definitely visit the beach! Take a walk, wade into the water, gather shells or sit and enjoy the view. However you prefer to experience the beach, you’ll find much to love on Hilton Head’s stunning oceanfront. The island features a number of public beach accesses, and several are wheelchair-accessible.


  1. Visit The Cypress of Hilton Head Island

A trip to Hilton Head wouldn’t be complete without stopping by The Cypress of Hilton Head’s lovely campus. Please contact us anytime to schedule your visit and chat about all there is to see and do for seniors in Hilton Head.


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Member Spotlight: The Allens

The Cypress of Hilton Head has fantastic members with unique gifts, talents and contributions to society. One couple in particular: Ned and Suzie Allen.

You most likely have heard about the Allens visiting schools speaking about the Make-A-Wish Foundation or have even seen them featured in last month’s Reader’s Digest. The Allen’s connection with Make-A-Wish Foundation, a national foundation that grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions, goes back long before their move to The Cypress.
allen1 Allen2

Their involvement began 12 years ago with personal tragedy. After the loss of their young grandson, their endowment gift in his name, the Chip Allen Memorial Endowment Fund, created a lasting and loving legacy as well as a long-term commitment to help children and families fighting illness.

        readers digest

They remain very active with the organization. Suzie served on the National Board of Directors and Ned is presently completing his 6-year term.

If you would like to read more about the Chip Allen Memorial Endowment Fund or make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, please visit the following website.


make a wish






We are thankful for the giving hearts of Ned and Suzie and applaud them and all our members with the same generous spirits.


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Welcome to our new website! We’re so happy you stopped by. Our goal for this new website is to make it easy for you to learn more about The Cypress of Hilton Head and to keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings and activities at our Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Cypress Signature Clubhouse Daytime  THE CYPRESS OF HILTON HEAD_Clubhouse Night

If you’re visiting our website for the first time, you may be wondering what makes our retirement community so unique. Some say it’s our beautiful, waterfront campus. Others say it’s our first-class services and amenities. For others, it’s our on-campus, award-winning Preston Health Center. And for many it’s our CCRC model. But when you ask a member what the most distinguishing feature of The Cypress of Hilton Head is they will say, “It’s the people… the members, the staff, my neighbors and friends.” That is what sets us apart from other communities. Because our members don’t just rent or pay a fee to move in, they invest in their community and their friendships here.


Although our new website is filled with detailed information, beautiful images and compelling testimonials, our ultimate goal is for you to experience the luxury and excitement of our island yourself. Please schedule a tour with us and allow us to show you our paradise.


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