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A Guide to Healthy Eating: Benefits and Downfalls of Dairy, Carbs and Other Common Misconceptions

Did you know that nutrition can have a very big impact on your overall physical and mental health? This is especially true as you age and enter your retirement years. Many people don’t realize that their nutritional needs vary at different life stages. Similar to how an infant’s dietary needs are much different than that […]

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5 Awesome Volunteer Opportunities Around Hilton Head

Places to Volunteer Around Hilton Head

Many residents here at The Cypress of Hilton Head find themselves with extra time on their hands as they settle into their retirement years. Alongside plenty of opportunities to get involved with different workshops, health and fitness classes and other great activities – volunteering around Hilton Head Island can also be a good way to […]

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5 Tips to Stay Safe This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in South Carolina has officially begun and that means we want to make sure our residents have everything they need to stay safe as we prepare to weather the storms. With the memories of recent storms like Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma still fresh in the minds of most Low-country residents, it’s […]

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How to Plan for Long-Term Care

Planning for long-term care can give you peace of mind that you are protected, but many older adults find the process overwhelming. With many different options for care, financing and providers, figuring out what is right for you can be challenging. Get our guide on the five steps to prepare for long-term care to take the […]

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6 Fun Things For Seniors to Do in Lowcountry, SC

South Carolina’s Lowcountry Region is a unique, beautiful and expansive area that offers Members much to see and do. Whether you fancy yourself an “outdoorsy type” or you’d rather spend a day exploring the many historical sites located throughout Hilton Head Island and the rest of the coastal area, retirement in the Lowcountry is far […]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Growing Older

There’s a lot to enjoy about aging. Here are some of the top reasons why our seniors years are some of the best! 1. Older adults are happier It’s scientifically proven that, as we age, we experience more happiness. In younger days, things like financial insecurities, worries about finding love and starting a family, and […]

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Plan a Day Trip to Savannah, Georgia

Renowned for its Southern charm and gothic sensibility, Savannah is the perfect place to take a day trip. Find out what to see, where to eat, and when to visit Savannah. When to Go to Savannah Come summer, Savannah drips with the heat. The best times of year to visit are spring, when flowers burst […]

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Health Benefits of Living Near the Water

For anyone that has spent time on a beach or by the coast, it is easy to see why so many people choose to live near the water. Not only is life by the water beautiful and inviting, it can provide seniors with a wide range of mental and physical health benefits as well. Many […]

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Independent Living with a Carefree Lifestyle

The retirement years can look very different for different people. At The Cypress of Hilton Head, we know better than most just how important it is for seniors to have the opportunity to choose what their retirement years will look like. We believe when seniors are able to make their own choices and do the […]

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The Health Benefits of Wine

With the Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival coming up next month, we thought we would look at some of the benefits of drinking wine. Whether you prefer white or red, wine offers many health benefits for the moderate drinker. Raise your next glass to these top benefits of wine. Wine Protects Your Heart Wine […]

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The Barbershoppers and Shorenotes will be performing jointly for a pre-dinner concert today in Cypress..

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With miles of beach and biking trails, life on Hilton Head Plantation is full of natural wonders. Retiring..

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The Cypress of Hilton Head Island is located at 20 Ladyslipper Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, within Hilton Head Plantation.

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