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Give Your Brain Power a Boost: Take A Class This Summer

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Being a member at The Cypress of Hilton Head Island is better than ever during the summer! With so many great amenities available to enjoy in our community, it’s no wonder so many seniors choose to call this area of South Carolina home. If you’re having a hard time deciding how to spend some of your free time over the upcoming warm months, no worries! We have a few ideas. Why not continue learning by taking a class?

Whether you’re looking for classes that will stimulate your brain power or you’re more interested in something that will challenge you physically, there are a number of great ways you can stay active in Hilton Head this summer with a fun and interesting class schedule.

5 Exciting Summer Class Ideas for Seniors Living in Hilton Head Island

Tai Chi

The health benefits of Tai Chi for seniors are seemingly endless. If you’re in search of a low-impact and relaxing way to exercise, this may be the perfect summer class option for you! In just about 20 minutes a day, Tai Chi can help you learn to focus different mental and spiritual aspects of your mind into special exercise movements that relieve stress, promote deep breathing, improve lower body and leg strength, reduce blood pressure, improve your balance, and much more!

Music Lessons

Ever thought of trying your hand at learning a new instrument? Whether you have previous musical experience or you’re starting out fresh, taking music lessons is a great way to challenge your brain. Whether you decide to take up guitar or you’re interested in voice lessons, learning more about music is a great skill that can be shared with others. Depending on the type of classes you’re interested in, you could also learn to improve your breathing, increase cognitive function, and relieve arthritis pain!

Dance Classes

Have you always been a fan of dancing to a great tune? Or maybe you always wanted to try your hand at moving like Fred Astaire? Whether you’ve got 2 left feet or natural rhythm, dance classes can be a fun and exciting way to get out and enjoy yourself this summer. Go it alone and make new friends in class or bring a few of your best buddies along to get into the swing of things with you! Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun, and at the same time get plenty of exercise. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Golf Lessons

It is no secret that South Carolina is home to some of the best golf courses in the country. So why not take a few lessons to help improve your swing this summer? Whether you think you’re ready for the pro circuit or you’ve never even set foot on the green, golf lessons can be helpful for golfers of all different skill levels. Additionally, golf lessons can be a great activity for couples, friends, and family members to enjoy together.

Back to School

Want to get back into a classroom setting this summer? Many local colleges and universities offer lifelong learning programs that are designed to challenge and engage students of all ages in rich academic discussions. Choose from a variety of different subjects like women’s studies, architecture, cultural views on Iraq, geology, and more. Often, these fun and interactive courses will include guest speakers, field trips, and even public speaking engagements for students.

Interested in Other Ways to Stay Active This Summer?

Contact us to learn more about other great activities for seniors in Hilton Head, or for information about life at our luxurious Continuing Care Retirement Community.

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