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Practice Pool Exercises Year Round In Our Indoor Pool

Pool ExercisesHealth experts widely agree that consistent pool exercise is one of the most effective ways for adults and seniors to stay fit. While gym exercises and other cardio workouts such as running provide numerous benefits, they can also come with risks such as knee damage or strained muscles. The natural traction of water provides ideal support for any exercise regimen without any of the associated long-term risks.

Perhaps the only drawback to pool exercises is that most people don’t have access to a heated indoor pool during winter time. Residents of our award-winning retirement community however, enjoy ample access to one and are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable amenity.

The Cypress of Hilton Head Island offers its residents access to a gorgeously designed interior pool. This pool is part of our 30,000-square foot Cypress Clubhouse which includes a library, bar, fitness center and beauty salon among other amenities.

Five Great Pool Exercises For Adults & Seniors

Some of the key benefits to aqua aerobics exercise are increases to metabolism, cardiovascular health, muscle mass and reaction time. To make the most of these benefits, it is recommended that adults and seniors choose exercise regimens that concentrate on these factors:

Swimming Laps

  • The Front Crawl—Also commonly called the freestyle stroke, this style requires you to kick with your feet in a regular rhythm while stroking your arms ahead of your head, pushing the water back. This stroke usually offers the most speed out of any, and it works out your back, chest and legs equally.
  • The Backstroke—The backstroke is similar to the front crawl, but you float on your back and propel yourself through the water backwards. By keeping your breath in time with your leg kicks, you’ll be able to keep yourself perfectly horizontal and maintain buoyancy effectively. This stroke works out your biceps, triceps, core and legs.
  • The Butterfly—With the butterfly stroke, you combine a dolphin-style kick and a two-handed diving motion before separating your hands and pushing the water to each side. This recruits your core muscles and your chest especially. To make the most of the butterfly stroke, attain a rhythm that takes you through each portion of the stroke.
  • The Breaststroke—Use a frog-style kick to start, and then sweep your arms out from your chest, sweeping them back in to push the water behind you. If your body remains perfectly straight between strokes, you’ll be able to easily attain speed while working out your core, lower legs, arms and chest.

Leg Swings
Leg swings are a great and simple way to strengthen leg muscles. Simply hold onto the side of the pool and swing your outside leg forward as far as it can go while keeping your other leg straight. Hold this position for five seconds before swinging your leg back behind you and holding that position for another five seconds. Perform this action between 10 to 15 times before taking a break.

Leg Pushes
In medium-shallow water, bend your right leg at the knee and bring it up until your lower leg is at a 90-degree angle with your upper one. Now place the flotation device around your upper foot and push down until your legs are straight. Now, bring your leg back up slowly, bending at the knee until you return to your original position. Repeat this exercise 15 times before switching your legs for another 15 repetitions.

Arm Circles
To perform arm circles, move to the deeper section of our pool and adopt a balanced stance with one foot in front of you and one behind. Raise your arms just above the water, parallel to the rest of your body. Begin making circling motions while keeping your arms straight and your palms facing downwards. After 15 seconds of repetition, reverse the direction.

Wall Chair
One of the most effective abdominal exercises you can perform in a pool is the wall chair. First, find a section of the pool with a corner where you can support your weight with both arms. Keeping your body straight, slowly raise your legs towards your chest and then release them slowly. Repeat this motion 15 times and try twisting your body as you raise your legs to work out your oblique muscle group.

The Cypress of Hilton Head Is Invested In Your Well-Being

There is a good reason why we’ve invested so much in offering our residents these kinds of activities and amenities in our Clubhouse. The Cypress of Hilton Head encourages its residents to invest in themselves through exercise, rewarding social activity and more—it’s all a part of what makes our community special. The country club atmosphere that we’ve created is one you won’t find at any other retirement community in South Carolina, so give us a call and schedule a visit today.

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The Cypress of Hilton Head Island is located at 20 Ladyslipper Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, within Hilton Head Plantation.

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