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The Cypress Treasure Hunt

Have you heard of Forrest Fenn or more importantly, the Fenn Treasure?  If not, Fenn is a wealthy art collector and artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   In 2010, he self-published a book called The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir.  In this collection of short stories, he describes a treasure chest that he says contains gold nuggets, rare coins, jewelry and gemstones.  At the time, the treasure was worth $1 million.  He writes that the chest is hidden “in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.”   His motivation for writing the book and ultimately hiding the treasure was to get people “off their couches and back outside”.  One of the chapters offers nine clues in a poem that will lead treasurer hunters to the chest.

Now worth $2 million, The Fenn Treasure has been recently found somewhere in the Rocky Mountains by some lucky prospector.  In the spirit of Forrest Fenn who is now in his 90s, we offer you our own Cypress Treasure Hunt.

The Cypress Sales and Marketing team has hidden a treasure chest somewhere on the Cypress Campus.  Its contents will direct you to claim your prize, which is an American Gold Eagle One-Half Ounce Coin worth $1,000.

Your hunt begins with the following poem where there are nine clues, of course!  We are encouraging all Cypress Members to participate in this fun treasure hunt. Team-up and divide the prize or go it alone.  This is meant to create conversation, camaraderie, and get us outside and off the couches.



The Cypress Treasure

The treasure is yours
should you go,
It’s tempting and it lures;
It’s real gold not faux.

Take a walk in the morning,

But do not tarry.
It can get hot without warning,
This is meant to be merry.

Wooded and barren in 1992,

You were forbidden.
It was no place for you,
But now treasure is hidden.

With the treasure of kings,
The road is long.
Named for streets that sing,
You may want to bring a friend along.

If you’ve been wise and found this place,
Hurry past the signs.
I would give anything to see your face.
I’m sure you are tired of my rhymes.

Sit beneath the pines.
There’s a bench to rest.
Look around for the signs,
And, you’ll see the chest.

The Cypress of Hilton Head | 20 Ladyslipper Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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Our unique ownership model ensures that the community will be debt-free and will provide all the applicable financial advantages.

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The Cypress of Hilton Head Island is located at 20 Ladyslipper Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, within Hilton Head Plantation.

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