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The Health Benefits of Retiring by the Beach

What is it about the beach that’s so attractive? From the time people started writing, they’ve described the ocean’s allure. Maybe it’s the warming sunshine, the laughter of children, the beautiful shells or even the infinite possibilities of a vast sea stretching to the horizon. But one thing is certain: Human beings are drawn to the ocean.

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At the Cypress, we’ve been believers in the soothing effects of retiring near the beach for years, and now new evidence has found that proximity to the ocean may provide even more tangible health benefits. Scientists say recent research is providing support for some longstanding traditional wisdom: Being near the beach may be good for your health. As you’re evaluating beach retirement communities, consider the ways in which living near the ocean may benefit you.

Moving near a coastline can significantly improve well-being, researchers have found, in part because the seaside environment may lessen stress and encourage an active lifestyle.  Whether you enjoy walking, biking, bodysurfing, playing paddle board or building sand castles with the grandkids, there’s never a shortage of healthy activities to enjoy on the beach.  Researchers also note that sea air contains negative ions that improve the body’s ability to drink in oxygen.  Negative ions also can assist in balancing serotonin levels, positively impacting your mood and stress levels.HILTON HEAD ISLAND_Dog

Moderate amounts of sun can aid skin issues, including the chronic condition psoriasis. Sea water, in addition, can help some skin conditions like dermatitis, an allergic rash. And spending time in sea water also can improve the skin’s elasticity and appearance, researchers note.

If you enjoy swimming, you’ll be happy to learn that floating in the water helps push blood toward your heart and delivers more oxygen to the brain, improving alertness and activity levels.

Spending some time in the sun also can spur the body to secrete endorphins, making your stress melt away and helping you feel relaxed.  And there’s a reason many people buy tapes with the sounds of the ocean to help them sleep at night— the soothing sound of waves actually changes patterns in your brain and can assist deep relaxation, helping rejuvenate your mind and body.


Seeking out the Water: It’s Human Nature

If you’re considering retiring near the beach, you’re not alone. In fact, scientists say it’s human nature to seek to be near bodies of water. Most of the world’s population live near water, and the beach is an age-old preferred vacation spot. One neuroscientist posits that ancient humans lived near oceans, which helped the human brain grow and become more complex.

Today, it’s easy for seniors to spend soothing, healing time experiencing surf, sun and sand. At a beach retirement community like The Cypress of Hilton Head, you can reap the benefits of the ocean as often as you like. To find out more about the beaches, amenities, and benefits of our beautiful retirement community, please contact us.

Dolphin Park Hilton Head Plantation

Dolphin Park, Hilton Head Plantation

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