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Tips, Tricks & Healthy Hints To Improve Your Golf Game

Whether you’ve been playing golf for years or you’ve just taken up the sport in retirement, almost every golfer has room for improvement. A professional teacher who can help you analyze your swing, check your form and give you real-time pointers is certainly helpful, but becoming a better player isn’t contingent on the number of hours you spend working with an instructor one-on-one. By following these four tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to a better golf game.

4 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

1. Pick The Right Club
Understanding the correct club to use in every situation is key to playing a better round, and the proper criteria for choosing your club is often more complicated than amateurs think. Many who are new to the sport pick their club based on its length: shorter for shorter holes, longer for longer holes. In actuality, you must take into consideration many more factors than length, including your natural shot tendencies, hazards, the current wind conditions and – most importantly – the approach shot to come.

2. Align Your Clubface First
Knowing how you should align yourself toward the target is something many golfers get wrong. Some try aligning their feet, others their shoulders. Ultimately the only correct way to align yourself to the target is by using your clubface. From behind the golf ball, take a look at your target to get the full perspective. Before getting into your stance, place your clubface behind your ball and align just your clubface at the target. Only after aligning yourself in this way should you get into your stance.

3. Maintain A Consistent Stance
An easy assumption to make is that your stance should change as your club does, but this is definitely not true. For all full shots, keeping a consistent stance no matter what club you are using is key to becoming a better and more predictable golfer. Making minor adjustments to the ball position, your stance width and your spine angle is fine, but remaining generally uniform is key. Of course, your stance will change for chips, pitches or putts.

4. Keep A Good Grip On Your Club
As with your stance, finding and keeping a good, solid grip on your club is critical. Begin by gripping your club using your gloved hand with the handle between your palm and first knuckle. From there, take your ungloved hand and allow it to wrap comfortably around your club’s handle. If the index fingers and thumbs of each hand make a V that points toward your right chest or shoulder, you’ll have a good grip.

Go Golfing in Hilton Head Island

Retirees looking for a place to work on their golf game need look no further than the Cypress of Hilton Head. Located within the beautiful Hilton Head Plantation, the Cypress of Hilton Head has a three-hole executive golf course and offers an upscale retirement community for healthy and active seniors interested in continuing their country club lifestyle. Just contact us today to find out more about our unparalleled array of amenities and services.

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The Cypress of Hilton Head Island is located at 20 Ladyslipper Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, within Hilton Head Plantation.

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